As a business owner, power usage is often a big overhead expense every month. Solar Power Generation Systems can help reduce your power usage in the following ways:

  1. Generate power so you use less power and therefore pay for less power.
  2. Your power bill is based on your peak usage rate, and generating your own power could possibly reduce your peak usage, thereby reducing your effective cost / kW hour
  3. Sell power back to the grid, storing up credits towards future usage. If you generate excess power, you can sell the excess to the SaskPower grid, using your earnings as a credit towards future power bills.

These ongoing benefits of having a solar installation in place don’t address the initial cost of installing the system, but decreasing costs and government incentives can help make this initial investment easier than ever.

SaskPower Rebate programs will provide you with a cash rebate equivalent to 20% of your solar installation on the net meter program. In addition to this, CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) has recently updated the Accelerated Depreciation Program, allowing you to claim 100% of the purchase cost in the purchase year, allowing you to significantly reduce your taxable income in the current year.

We also offer attractive finance options that allow to pay for your solar panel investment with savings from your solar panel installation.

Solar panel installations have always been a good investment, they just had a high up-front cost that wasn’t practical for all business owners. However, when you add up the long-term value of solar combined with the current government rebates, solar panels have become an attractive option for your business in the short term as well.

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